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Have you ever been flipping through your channels and seen me? You might have! I am extremely proud of my association with the PBS series A Place of Our Own. From "A Print Rich Environment" to "A Day in the Life" and everything in between, I have had the pleasure of being a guest speaker in studio as well as having our program highlighted in many episodes of this award winning show. A Place of Our Own is a daily talk show for early childhood educators and deals with issues facing teachers, parents, grandparents and anyone who plays a major role in children's lives. My experiences on the show further enhanced my core knowledge of child development, and real life, practical solutions for ongoing growth in this field. Appearing on A Place of Our Own was truly one of the most wonderful honors of my career thus far and I am definitely grateful for the opportunity.

There are a lot of great articles and videos at the
A Place Of Our Own
The Serendipity Connection